Sakai Community DocumentationSakai 22 User Guide (English)RubricsHow do I grade a gradebook item using a rubric?

How do I grade a gradebook item using a rubric?

Go to Gradebook.

Image of the gradebook button

Select Gradebook from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the down arrow in the cell for the student you would like to grade and choose Grade Rubric.

Image of a gradebook, selecting the Grade rubric button

Select the appropriate rating level for each criterion.

Image selecting the scores in the rubric

The points will be added up automatically based on your rating selections. The total points earned will appear below the rubric.

(Optional) If you allowed individual score adjustments, you may fine tune the rating points if needed.

Image of adjusting rubric scores

(Optional) Select the Comment icon [Leave a comment for the student about this criterion] if you would like to include additional feedback.

Image of feedback textboxes

Enter your comments into the text field provided, and select Done when finished.

Image showing there is a comment

Note: The Comments icon changes color when comments are saved.

Select Save Rubric Grading when finished grading the item.

Image of the Save rubric grading button