How do I customize my Calendar display?

The Calendar tool can be customized according to your individual display preferences.

To access this tool, select Calendar from the Tool Menu of your site.

Image of Calendar tool

Calendar Options

Image of the calendar by week

To modify the display, select the button to the right of the calendar. This allows you to select your view by Month, Week, Day, or List.

List of Events

Image of the list drop down

The last option in the view menu allows you to view your events in list form.

Image of the list page in calendar

After selecting List of Events from the View menu, you have the following options:

  1. Select the date range of the events you want to display.
  2. You can choose to display site events, group events, or both.
  3. Select Update Display once you've selected your settings.

Calendar Ribbon

Image of the calendar ribbon

Just above the calendar itself is a list of additional customizations that can be made to the calendar. This ribbon includes the following:

  • View Events
  • Add Event
  • Import Events
  • Merge Internal Calendars
  • Merge External Calendars
  • Publish (public)
  • Publish (private)
  • Add/Edit Fields
  • Permissions

Note: This ribbon is only visible to the Instructor. Students will only see the View Events and Publish (private) options.


Image of the calendar legend

Beneath the calendar, you will see a Legend that defines what all the different icons mean. As events are added to the calendar, the event type designation will populate the associated icon into the calendar.