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How do I import Calendar entries from a file?

Go to Calendar.

image of the calendar button

Select the Calendar tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Import Events.

image of the monthly calendar

Note: If you do not see the Import Events option, you may need to check the Permissions for the Calendar to see if the Import Events permission is enabled for your role in the site.

Choose the import file format.

Image of the calendar type to import options

Select the type of calendar file you are importing (Generic calendar import (comma-separate values), iCalendar, or Microsoft Outlook), and then click Continue.

Choose your file.

Image of the import calendar page

Click the Choose File button to browse for and select your file, and then click Continue.

Note: Your import file must be in a specific format. For example, if you selected the generic calendar import option, you will see a link for a Generic Import Template that you can download to view an example of the correct import file format.

Preview items and import events.

Image of the verify import page

You will now see a preview of the items to be imported. Verify that all the event information looks correct.

  1. Remove the check mark for any items you don't want to import.
  2. If you would like to import events for a specific group, select Import events for selected groups, and then select the desired group.
  3. Click Import Events to complete the import.