What is the Home Calendar?

The Home Calendar shows all events from all of the sites in which you are enrolled. In addition, you may also create individual, private calendar entries that are only visible to you from your Home area.

View Calendar.

Image of the calendar on the home overview page.

Click Options to customize calendar display. (Optional)

Image of the options button for the calendar.

You may customize the appearance of your Calendar by selecting the Options button.

Select custom preferences and Update.

Image of the calendar options.

Subscribe to your Home Calendar from another application.

Image of te calendar with Publish highlighted

If you would like to subscribe to your Home Calendar from another calendar application, such as Outlook or Google Calendar, click the Publish (Private) button to generate a URL that can be used to set up your subscription.

Click Generate.

Image of the generate button/

Copy the URL and use it in your desired calendar client.

Image of the generated link