What is the Preferences tool?

In Home, you can set preferences for how often you receive email notifications of site activity, set your time zone, and select your language. You can also hide sites from your list of active sites.

Go to Preferences.

Image of the preferences tool.

Select the Preferences tool from the Tool Menu in Home.


Image of the notifications button in preferences.

To customize your notification settings, click the Notifications tab.

Select notification preferences.

Image of the notification preferences page.

You can choose one of the the following (paraphrased) options for low priority email notifications in the Announcements, Assignments, Resources and Drop Box, Email Archive, Syllabus, and Tests & Quizzes tools.

  • Do not send me notifications.
  • Send me one email per day summarizing all notifications.
  • Send me each notification separately. (Default setting)

If you change any of these settings, click Update Preferences to save your changes.

Note: These settings only apply to low priority items. High priority items will still be sent via email regardless of your settings here.

Time Zone

Image of the Time Zone button.

To set your local time zone, click the Time Zone tab.

Choose your time zone.

Image of the time zone preferences.

Select your local time zone from the list, and then click Update Preferences.


Image of the language button.

To set your preferred language, click the Language tab.

Choose your language.

Image of the language preferences.

Select your preferred language from the list, and then click Update Preferences.


Image of the sites button.

The Sites tab allows you to select your preferred site tab display format, as well as hide sites from the site drawer.

Site Tab Display Format

Image of the sites preferences.

Select either Site Title or Site Short Description as the display format for the site tabs in the site navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Hiding Sites

To hide one or more of your active sites, click the Sites tab.

Hidden sites will show up in your list of all enrolled sites in tools such as Worksite Setup and Membership; however, they do not appear in the top navigation bar or in your Sites drawer.

Note: Hidden Sites are still active in the system, and are still available to other enrolled users regardless of individual site display preferences.

Select the sites you want to hide, then click Update Preferences.

Image of the hide from site drawer preferences.


Image of the Editor button.

This tab allows you to set your preference for the Rich Text Editor toolbar throughout the system.

Choose your editor preference, then click Update Preferences.

Image of the editor preferences.


The Theme tab allows you to select your preferred site theme, i.e. Light and Dark mode.

Choose your theme preference, then click Update Preferences.

Check the box next to the preferred theme, and then click on Update Preferences to save.