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What actions can I perform using the Rich Text Editor icons?

Note: Depending on your implementation, you may have more icons or fewer icons available to you in the Rich Text Editor. There are several third-party tools that integrate with the editor and display as additional icons in the editing toolbar (e.g., equation editors, video management applications, etc.). Also, some institutions hide seldom-used icons to make the appearance of the editing toolbar more compact.

Standard Rich Text Editor icons allow the following features:


Applies paragraph formatting to a block of text.


Applies Bold formatting to highlighted text.


Applies Italic formatting to highlighted text.

Strike Through

Applies Strike Through formatting to highlighted text.

Insert/Remove Numbered List

Create Numbered Lists.

Insert/Remove Bulleted List

Create Bulleted Lists.

Align Left

Set text alignment left.

Align Center

Set text alignment center.

Align Right

Set text alignment right.


Justify text alignment.

Create hyperlink.

Remove hyperlink.

Emoji List

Inserts an emoji image (smiley faces, objects, symbols, etc.).


Create or edit a mathematical equation using LaTeX.


Cut the highlighted text to the clipboard.


Copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.


Paste the data copied to the clipboard.

Paste as Plain Text

Paste the data copied to the clipboard (without formatting).

Remove Format

Remove the formatting from the highlighted text.


View or edit the document source code (for advanced users).


Undo the most recent action taken.


Redo the most recent action taken.


Find a word or phrase within the document.


Find and replace a word or phrase within the document.

Text Direction Left to Right

Displays text left to right.

Text Direction Right to Left

Displays text right to left.

Decrease Indent

Decrease the paragraph indent.

Increase Indent

Increase the paragraph indent.


Select a layout template.

Insert Code Snippet

Insert code to be displayed as text on the page within a formatted section.

Insert Content Item

Inserts an external tool (i.e., LTI tool or App store) as a content item.

Block Quote

Format a block of text to identify quotations.

Insert Horizontal Line

Inserts a divider line (horizontal rule).


Inserts images into the document.


Creates a table with the defined number of columns and rows.

Insert Special Character

Inserts symbols & special characters (accented characters, trademark, currency symbol, etc.).

Show Blocks

Shows where there are block element boundaries in the text.


Maximizes the editor size inside the browser.

Record Audio Clip

Create and display a voice recording.

Insert/Edit Movie

Inserts an HTML5 movie/audio player.