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How do I view my grades in the Gradebook?

Instructors may use the Gradebook to provide grades and feedback to students for their course work in UVACollab.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

View your grade report.

The sample Grade Report pictured above includes:

  1. Display options: When categories are used, you may use the Group by Category and Expand All/Collapse All options to show or hide gradebook items or categories.
  2. Options to sort grade report data: The Grade Report displays Gradebook Items, Grades, Weights (for categories, if used), Due Dates (if used), and Comments (also see Tip, below). Select a column heading to sort grade report data by that criteria.
  3. Category headings: Use a Category heading to expand and collapse the view of items within the category.
  4. Gradebook items: Each gradebook item represents an assignment, quiz, or other graded activity. When categories are used, several items may be associated with each category. In this example, there are two items in the Assignments category.
  5. Comments: If a grader provided comments for a gradebook item, they will display in the Comments column.
  6. Category averages: In a gradebook with categories, the percentage grade for items in each category displays in the Grade column corresponding to the category heading.
  7. Category weights: If an instructor is using Categories and Weighting, the Weight column displays the percentage value of each category toward the overall course grade. In this example, the Presentation category is worth 20% of the total course grade.
  8. Dropped or excluded grades: A calculator icon indicates that an item's grade is excluded from the course grade calculations, and the corresponding grade displays with strikethrough text. In this example, Quiz 1's grade is dropped because the Quizzes category drops the lowest grade.

Tip: While grader comments will appear in the Gradebook for items such as assignments and forum discussions, remember that additional instructor feedback and/or graded file attachments may also be available, e.g., in Assignments or Forums.