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How do I edit my assessment title or description, or add an Honor Pledge check box?

In the About this Assessment section of the assessment Settings, you can edit an assessment's title or description, or require students to agree to the Honor pledge before beginning their assessment.

For information on editing additional settings, see:

Access the assessment's settings.

Action menu with Settings selected

For steps to access the Settings page, see How do I inspect and adjust the settings of an assessment?

Select About this Assessment.

  1. Select About this Assessment on the assessment's Settings page.
  2. Or select the Expand All link to open all the sections on the Settings page.

About this Assessment

The following options are available:

  1. Edit the assessment's Title.
  2. Add a Description/Intro to display on the Begin Assessment screen.
  3. Require students to agree to honor pledge before beginning assessment is enabled by default.  When this option is enabled, students must check a box to agree to the Honor code before beginning their assessment.
  4. To provide additional resources related to the assessment, select Add Attachments to browse for and upload a file.

Important: All information and attachments added in About this Assessment are displayed to students BEFORE they begin taking the assessment.

For steps to have students review an attached file for a part of an assessment or a question AFTER they have started taking the assessment, see one of the following articles: