How do I create a new Confluence space?

Confluence supports collaborative online work in spaces, repositories for content that can contain associated, collaborative pages.  

  1. Via UVACollab: Add participants and assign permissions in your Confluence space based on the membership of your associated UVACollab site.
  2. Directly in Confluence: Manage participants directly in Confluence.

Step by step guides are provided here for each option, respectively.

Access the Confluence Wiki tool in your UVACollab site.

Access your UVACollab site that includes the Confluence Wiki tool.

Go to Confluence Wiki.

Select Confluence Wiki from the Tool Menu in your site.

You will be directed to your Confluence Wiki space.

After a site administrator accesses this tool, a corresponding space will be created in Confluence and participants will be able to access the space using the tool.

Note: Participants will be unable to access the Confluence space until the site administrator has accessed the Confluence Wiki tool.

Add Content to your new space.

Select Edit to customize your space home page.

Create a new Confluence space directly in Confluence.

Go to Confluence.

Log in using NetBadge.

You will be redirected to the NetBadge login page.  Either:

  1. Use your Digital Certificate to log in by selecting the corresponding Log In button,
  2. Or enter your UVA computing ID and Password and Log In.

Create a new Confluence space.

Select Create Space.

Select a space type.

  1. Select the type of space to be created:
    • Blank space (default): Start with a blank space.
    • Documentation space: Create and manage technical documentation for your products.
    • Team space: Collaborate and share resources with your team.
    • Personal space: Keep your notes, task lists and other content organized.
    • Knowledge base: Capture and share best practices and solutions to common problems.
  2. Select Next.

Note: For details on the other four options for creating a space (Documentation, Team, Personal, and Knowledge base), see the Confluence Wiki Help (opens new window).

Create a name for your new space.

  1. Insert a short name for your new space in the Space name field.
  2. Your Space key will be automatically generated based on your space name.  You may edit the Space key, though Confluence requires that each Space key is unique.
  3. Select Create.

Add content to your new space.

Select Edit to customize your home page.

Get additional help.

Questions about Confluence spaces, creating pages, and administering Confluence via the Confluence Wiki tool in UVACollab can be addressed to [email protected].

For online tutorials and help with features in Confluence, visit the Confluence Wiki Help (opens new window).