What is the Tests & Quizzes tool?

Tests & Quizzes allows you to create online assessments, including tests, quizzes, assignments with automatically-graded questions, and anonymous surveys, for delivery to students or other groups. 

Tests & Quizzes offers many settings to control how assessments are delivered, such as dates and time limits, assessment layout, and feedback provided to participants.

Note: For instructions to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add a tool to my site?

Tests & Quizzes Features

Tests & Quizzes allows site administrators to:

  • Create online assessments, assignments, and surveys.
  • Select from a wide variety of question types and automatic scoring settings.
  • Randomize questions and/or answer options within questions.
  • Create question pools to save and reuse questions.
  • Automatically generate assessments from a random selection of questions in a question pool.
  • Control access to assessments using dates and time limits.
  • Release assessments to specific groups or anonymous users.
  • Review submission scores and answer statistics.
  • Grade by student or by question.
  • Specify what types of feedback will be delivered and when.

To access this tool, select Tests & Quizzes from the Tool Menu in your site.

Tests & Quizzes main page (Student View)

The student view of Tests & Quizzes includes two sections:

  1. Take an Assessment - Assessments currently available for you to take, their time limit (if they have a time limit) and their due date/time,
  2. Submitted Assessments - Assessments you have submitted, with scores and Feedback links if your instructor has made feedback available.

Note: Assessments which are past the due date but still available for late submissions will appear in the list with the Due Date/Time shown in red. Assessments which are not currently available do not show up in the Take an Assessment list at all.

Tests & Quizzes main page (Instructor View)

The instructor view of Tests & Quizzes includes:

  1. Options for creating a new assessment,
  2. Two tabs that will include assessments which have been created and published: Working Copies (drafts that can be edited) and Published Copies (assessments that will be or have been made available to students).

For more information about authoring and administering assessments, see: