How do I post to a forum?

Forums are organizational units that group topics within the site. You cannot post directly to a forum; you must first enter a topic and post your message there.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Discussions.

Select Discussions from the Tool Menu in your site.

Choose a topic.

Select the title of a topic to access the topic.

Note: Topics are indented underneath the forum where they are located.

Select Start a New Conversation.

After you select the Start a New Conversation tab, the message composition window will appear.

Note: You must have appropriate permissions in the topic to start new conversations.  By default, students in course sites and members in collaboration sites can start conversations.

Enter a title.

Enter a message.

You can use the Rich-Text Editor to format your message or add other rich text content such as links or images.

Note: The editor will keep track of word count in the lower right corner.

Add attachment(s). (Optional)

If desired, there is an option to attach files to the message. Click Add attachments to browse for and select your file.

Select Post.

After completing the message, select Post.