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How do I view the feedback on my assessment (i.e., test or quiz)?

If your instructor has selected to make feedback available in an assessment's settings, you can access the feedback within the Tests & Quizzes tool.

Tip: Feedback can only be viewed within Tests & Quizzes, regardless of how you accessed the test.

Test scores seem low? Short answer/essay, file upload, and audio response questions must be manually graded by your instructor. When your instructor grades these questions and awards points for them, your overall test score will be adjusted accordingly.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of the site.

View all submissions and scores for assessments.

The Submitted Assessments section gives a summary view of tests and quizzes you have taken.  

  1. The Recorded Score column displays:
    • N/A if the score has not been made available and there is only one submission to the test,
    • Your final grade for the assessment if the score is available,
    • (Highest), (Last) or (Average) if you completed multiple submissions or a retake, but the score has NOT been made available.  

      Note: The recorded score depends on the assessment settings specified by your instructor, and it will be either the highest score, the last score, or an average of all submissions' scores.
  2. The Feedback Available column displays:
    • N/A if no additional feedback is available,
    • A Feedback link, if feedback was made available on submission or on a date in the past,
    • A date, if feedback will be available at a future date.
  3. The Individual Score column displays:
    • N/A if the score has not been made available,
    • Your grade for each submission of the assessment if the score is available,
    • Nothing, if you completed multiple submissions or a retake, but the score will be available at a future date.
  4. The Time column displays:
    • N/A if no feedback is available,
    • How much time elapsed between when you started the test and when it was submitted, if feedback has been made available.
  5. The Submitted column displays the date and time each submission was recorded.

View only recorded scores (Optional).


  1. When viewing All Submissions/Scores, select the View Only Recorded Scores link to view only your recorded scores.
  2. When viewing only recorded scores, select View All Submissions/Scores to access all the scores and feedback for assessments you have taken.

Access additional feedback for an assessment.

In the Submitted Assessments section, select the Feedback link for the submission.

Review your assessment feedback.

The feedback your instructor has chosen to release to students will be displayed.  Types of feedback that may be available include the following (select the type of feedback below to skip to a more detailed description):

  • Assessment questions - the questions are always shown when accessing a Feedback link.
  • Your answer to each question.
    Note: If your instructor did not select to show your answers, it may seem that your submission is blank, even if you submitted answers!
  • Correct or incorrect answer feedback for each question.  This can also include specific feedback depending on the answers you selected for automatically-graded questions.
  • An Answer Key that indicates which answers are correct and which are incorrect.
  • Comments - additional feedback your instructor entered while grading your assessment.

Types of Feedback

Your answer

If your instructor has made your answers available, they will display underneath the question text.

Pictured above are two examples of questions with student responses visible:

  1. A Short Answer/Essay question displays the student's answer underneath the question text.
  2. A Multiple Choice question indicates the answer selected with a filled-in radio button.
Correct or incorrect answer feedback

Correct or incorrect answer feedback can be made available by an instructor:

  1. For each item in an automatically-graded question,
  2. And/or for the question overall.

This type of feedback is always preceded by the word Feedback.

Pictured above is feedback for a Matching question with both types of correct and incorrect answer feedback.  The instructor has made feedback available for several individual matching items, as well as for the question.

Answer Key

An Answer Key includes:

  1. Green checkmark icons to the left of correct answers,
  2. Red X icons to the left of incorrect answers,
  3. The Answer Key underneath the question with correct answers listed.

Pictured above is feedback for a Matching question where a student made several correct and several incorrect matches.  The correct matches for items 1, 2, and 4 display green checkmark icons.  The incorrect matches for items 3 and 5 show red X icons.  Underneath the question is the Answer Key: 1:C, 2:A, 3:B, 4:A, 5:D.


While instructors are grading an assessment, they can include additional comments, either about the assessment overall or about individual questions.  Comments will be preceded by the word Comment: on the Feedback screen.

Comments about the overall assessment display at the top of the Feedback screen.  Comments about an individual question display underneath the question.  As part of the comments, instructors can upload attached files.  If a file is attached, a link with the file name will appear in the corresponding Comment section.  Clicking this link will either open the file in a new tab or window, or download it to your computer, depending on your internet browser preferences.

Pictured above is feedback for a File Upload question where a student has been asked to upload a Word document with an essay response.  The instructor has added comments about the student's answer, and uploaded a file attachment with additional editing notes for the student to review.