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How do I give the same score (e.g., 0) to all students with no submission to an assessment?

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Step-by-Step Instructions

By default, students with No Submission to an assessment will have a blank, or null, grade.  The assessment will not count in their final grade until a grade has been entered for them.  You can assign the same grade, such as 0, to all students who did not submit an assessment.

For information on manually grading individual student submissions or questions, see How do I grade Tests & Quizzes?

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select the Published Copies tab.

Select the Published Copies tab to view the assessments that have been released to students in your site.

Go to the assessment submissions.

Select Scores from the Action drop-down menu for the assessment.

Alternatively, you may select the number of student submissions in the Submitted column to view the submissions.

Enter a score to assign to all students with No Submission.

Enter a point value, e.g. 0, in the box to Apply this score to all participants with "No Submission".

Select Apply This Score.

Selecting Apply this score saves the change to the score of ALL students with No Submission.

WARNING: Once a grade has been saved for a student in Tests & Quizzes, you cannot delete the grade to remove it from the student's course grade in the Gradebook.  If you inadvertently assign a score to a student who should not have received one for an assessment using this feature, and the assessment score is being sent to the Gradebook, you will need to remove the assessment score from the student's final grade using a Grade Exclusion in Gradebook Classic.

View scores.

All students with No Submission will have the selected score entered in the grade Adjustment box, and it will be their Final Score.