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How do I export grades from Gradebook to SIS?

One of the features available in the Gradebook is the ability to export a file with the final letter grade information and import that file into SIS.  This feature is available whether you have used Gradebook throughout the semester OR have calculated the final grade in a spreadsheet that has been uploaded into the Gradebook tool.

Before exporting the final grade information, the steps below should be followed to ensure that your students’ work is properly recorded and that the course grade calculation is correct.

  1. Check that all desired Gradebook items have been included in the course grade - On the Grades page, an item that is not included in the course grade calculation will show a calculator with a slash icon in the header for its grade column under the item's point value and due date. To edit a gradebook item and include it in the course grade, follow the steps in How do I edit or delete a gradebook item?
  2. Check that grades are entered correctly - The final course grade calculation does not include ungraded items. An empty box under a gradebook item's column indicates that no grade was entered for that student. If any students missed an assignment or test, you must change that grade to a zero to have it count against their grade. However, if you allowed a student to skip an assignment or test, a missing grade is not a problem (and should not be changed). For steps to enter grades, see How do I enter and/or edit grades in Gradebook?
  3. Be sure that all individual items are assigned to a category - If you have created categories in Gradebook, items that have not been assigned to a category will not be included in the course grade calculation.  Scroll to the far right of the Grades window and look for any items listed under a heading of Uncategorized. Follow the steps to edit a gradebook item to assign it to the appropriate category.
  4. Verify that the grading scale is set correctly for all the students in your site - Steps for modifying grading scales are found in How do I set up my Gradebook? under the Grading Schema section.

When you are ready to export grades, follow the steps below.

Go to Gradebook.

Select Gradebook from the tool menu in your site.

Review the final letter grades.

On the main Grades page, the Course Grade column indicates each student's letter grade.  You may use the Show Scores option to check these grades.  You may also override a grade, if needed.

Show scores.

In the Course Grade column, select the down arrow icon to open the menu for the Course Grade column, then Show Scores.  The total score will display under each letter grade as follows, depending on how your gradebook is set up:

  • No categories - [Points the student received / total points] (Calculated Percentage), e.g., [44/50] (88%)
  • Categories only - [Points the student received / total points] (Calculated Percentage), e.g., [44/50] (88%)
  • Categories and weighting - (Calculated Percentage), e.g., (88%)

Note: For more information about course grade calculations, see How are grades calculated in a points Gradebook? or How are grades calculated in a percentage Gradebook?

Override a grade.

If you need to manually adjust a student's final letter grade, follow the steps in How do I override a course grade in Gradebook?

Select the Import/Export tab.

Export to SIS.

Under the Export Final Grades section, select the Export to SIS button.

Note: You must be an instructor or teaching assistant with permission to enter and approve grades in SIS for the export option to be available.

Wait for the export to complete.

While the grades are exporting, the Export to SIS button will be inactive (grayed out) and a small spinner will appear to the right of the button. Wait for this process to complete.

Go to SIS.

A window will pop up indicating that the final grades were exported for your class roster(s). The grades are automatically approved in SIS.

Select the Go to SIS button to access the Student Information System (SIS) (opens new window) where you can review the grades. Alternatively, you may select Done to exit the window and continue working in UVACollab.

Note: A separate file is exported for each graded roster in your site.