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How do I create a new assessment using markup text or cut and paste?

If you have created an assessment in a word processing program or text editor such as Microsoft Word or Notepad, you can use the markup text option to copy and paste your text and create assessment questions from it.

Note: In order to create an assessment using markup text, you will need to format questions per the instructions provided on the Create Assessment/Question Pool screen where you enter the question text.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Create your assessment.

In the Create from Scratch box:

  1. Enter a title for the assessment.
  2. Select the Create using markup text radio button.
  3. Select Create.

Edit the assessment's Name or Description (optional).

On the Create Assessment/Question Pool screen, you can edit the Name and Description of the assessment by entering text in the appropriate field.

Refer to formatting instructions.

Your questions must be written in a specific format. There is a list of Instructions & Examples shown on the Create Assessment/Question Pool screen next to the Questions text box.  Select General Instructions or a question type from the Instructions & Examples to see examples of questions with the correct formatting.  Pictured above is the instructions list with the Short Essay question instructions expanded.

Note: Some question types, for example file upload and student audio response questions, cannot be authored using markup text.  However, you can author these questions in markup text as if they were short answer/essay questions, and edit the questions to change their type after the assessment is created.

Tip: Write your questions in advance.

You may find it convenient to prepare questions in advance and then copy and paste them into the Questions area. Refer to the Instructions & Examples shown on the Create Assessment/Question Pool screen next to the Questions text box.  Following the required formatting, author your questions in a text editor. Then, copy and paste the questions into the text box.

Enter your questions.

  1. Type or paste your questions into the Questions box.
  2. Select Next.

Check your questions.

Check that your questions meet your expectations.  The questions will display in a table indicating the following:

  • The question number,
  • Text of the Question,
  • The Question Type (e.g. multiple choice, short essay),
  • The question's Points,
  • Discount points - for multiple choice, single selection or true false questions only, discount indicates the amount of points the students will get deducted from their total assessment score if they select an incorrect answer,
  • For automatically-graded questions such as multiple choice or fill in the blank, the Answers,
  • Any Feedback you added while authoring the question.
  1. If everything looks correct, select Create Assessment to create a new assessment.
  2. Alternatively, you may select Create Question Pool to create a new question pool instead of a new assessment.

Continue editing your assessment.

Edit the assessment to confirm that the questions were created with the desired settings, change their question type and/or add question settings that are not available when authoring using markup text.  Make further changes as described in How do I add a new question (with the assessment builder)?

Tip: Remember that you will need to publish your assessment before students can view and submit it.