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How do I give specific students an assessment with different settings (e.g., extra time)?

Some students in your class may need different assessment settings from others, for example, a student could require accommodations for extra time on a timed assessment, or multiple rosters or sections in the same course site could be administered the same assessment on different dates.  You can duplicate an assessment and edit the settings in the second copy of the assessment to tailor these settings to specific needs.

The following steps are needed to create an assessment copy with different settings (each step is linked to the relevant Help article):

  1. Have or create a group containing the student(s) who need the specific settings. (Course rosters are automatically treated as groups).
  2. On the Working Copies tab of Tests & Quizzes, duplicate the assessment.
  3. Edit the settings in the new copy of the assessment.
  4. Publish the assessment.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a group containing the student(s) who need specific settings.

If you do not already have the student(s) who need different settings in a group (e.g. roster), go to the Site Settings tool in your site, and select Manage Groups to create a group containing just the student(s) whose exam settings should be different.  Illustrated steps to create a group can be found in the article How do I create groups?

Duplicate the assessment.

  1. Go to the Working Copies tab in Tests & Quizzes.
  2. Select Duplicate from the Action drop-down menu for the assessment.
  3. On the Duplicate Assessment Confirmation screen, select Duplicate.

Edit the new assessment's settings.

The duplicated assessment will have the title of the original assessment followed by a Copy #.  For example, if the original assessment's title is Quiz #1, the duplicate's title will be Quiz #1 - Copy #1.

Select Settings from the Action drop-down menu for the duplicated assessment.

Edit the assessment's title.

  1. Select About this Assessment.
  2. Modify the Title to make it meaningful to the students who will be taking it.  For example, if Quiz #1 is the assessment issued to the whole class, and you are making a copy for students who need extra time, name the new assessment Quiz #1 - Extra Time.

Illustrated steps for editing assessment details can be found in the article How do I edit my assessment title or description?

Assign the assessment to the student(s) who need to take it.
  1. Select Availability and Submissions.
  2. From the Assessment released to drop-down menu, choose Selected Group(s).
  3. Select the check box(es) for group(s) who should submit the assessment with the new settings.
Edit other settings as needed.

Edit other settings by following the steps outlined in How do I inspect and adjust the settings of an assessment?

Publish the assessment.

When your settings are adjusted according to the needs of the test-takers for this copy of the assessment, follow the steps in How do I publish an assessment (i.e. test or quiz)? to make it available to them on the available date you specified.