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How do I exclude a grade for a particular student in Gradebook?

Unlike Gradebook Classic, Gradebook does not yet have an option to exclude a grade for a specific student.  However, you can use the Grade Exclusion feature in Gradebook Classic to remove an erroneous grade from any student's final grade calculation in both Gradebook Classic and Gradebook.


What kind of situation would warrant a Grade Exclusion?  

A student who receives extra time on a quiz accidentally submits two versions of the quiz:

  1. The extended-time quiz released to students who need extra time (see also note, below),
  2. And the version of the quiz that was released to the entire class.

If both quiz scores are being sent to the Gradebook from Tests & Quizzes, the student's final grade will include both quiz grades.  Thus, the erroneous grade will need to be excluded from the final grade calculation.

Note: Refer to the article on creating assessments with different settings for specific students for information on granting extra time to a student.

Add Gradebook Classic to your site.

Follow the steps in How do I add a tool to my site? to add Gradebook Classic to your site.

Hide Gradebook Classic from students.

So students are not confused by seeing two Gradebook tools in the site (both tools present the same information to students), follow the steps in How do I hide or show items in the Tool Menu? to hide the Gradebook Classic tool.

Exclude the grade in Gradebook Classic.

Go to Gradebook Classic.

Select the Gradebook Classic tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the Gradebook item.

Select the Title of the gradebook item where you would like to exclude a student's grade; in the example pictured above, we have selected the Practice Quiz.

Select the grade to exclude and save changes.

  1. To the right of the grade to exclude, select the Excluded from Grade? check box.
  2. Save the changes to the grade exclusions.  The text of the button to select will differ depending on the origin of the gradebook item:
    • If your gradebook item was added by another tool, such as Tests & Quizzes, select Update Grade Exclusions.
    • If the grades for your gradebook item were entered directly into Gradebook or Gradebook Classic, select Save Changes.

Note: You can remove an existing grade exclusion by unchecking the Excluded from Grade? box, then saving.

View the excluded grade in Gradebook Classic.

  1. Under the Points or Percentage column, the excluded grade will be indicated with a strikethrough.
  2. If you click on the Log icon to the left of the grade, the log will indicate that the score was set to (Excluded).

View the excluded grade in Gradebook.

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Excluded grades display with strikethough text and icon(s).

In Gradebook, an excluded grade will display with a strikethrough and a calculator icon in its cell, indicating that the Gradebook item score has been excluded from course grade calculations by Gradebook Classic.

Note: If the gradebook item is also added to the Gradebook from another tool, such as Tests & Quizzes, a lock icon indicating where you need to go to edit scores for the item will also appear in the cell. For more information about items added to Gradebook from other tools, see How do I add and edit gradebook items from Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, or Lessons?