How do I use and edit assessment parts?

All assessments are subdivided into parts, but often consist of only one part that comprises all the questions.  Each part has its own title, questions, optional information and attachments (for resources or directions), and question ordering.

Assessment parts are often used to group together questions associated with a case study or reading passage, specific types of questions, or randomly drawn questions.

When you create a new assessment, a part titled Default is created automatically. If you leave it named Default, that title will not appear on your assessment.  You can add questions to the Default part, or you can add your own parts.

New parts will be listed in the order you create them. You can reorder parts within an assessment and edit each part individually.

This article describes how to do the following:

The steps in this article assume that you have already gone to the Tests & Quizzes tool and selected an assessment, but if you need more help completing these steps, open the links below.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select an assessment.

Parts may be added to or edited in any assessment in the Working Copies tab.  Before anyone accesses an assessment in Published Copies to take it, part information or numbering may be edited.

Select an existing assessment or create a new one.

Create a new assessment.

Create from Scratch with assessment builder selected

For steps to create a new assessment, see How do I create an assessment?

Or edit an existing assessment.

Select Edit from the Action drop-down menu for the assessment.


  • Assessment editing must take place in the Working Copies tab or in the Published Copies tab before anyone accesses the assessment to take it.
  • Changes made to assessments in Working Copies do not affect assessments in Published Copies, and vice versa.

Edit an existing part or add a new part.

You can edit the Default part in your assessment or create a new part to add questions.

Edit a part.

To modify the title, information or settings in an existing part, select the Edit link to the right of the part title.

Or add a part.

Select the Add Part link at the top of the screen to add a new part.

Note: The Add Part option is only available for assessments in the Working Copies tab.

Enter part information and options.

Enter a part title.

Enter a Title into the text box provided.

Add information. (Optional)

You may enter a brief description or instructions into the Information field.

When students are taking the assessment, the part information will display at the top of each page in that part.

Tip: If you are using a part to group together questions corresponding to a reading passage or case study, you can enter the reading or case study in the part information.

Add attachment(s). (Optional)

To provide additional resources related to the part or its questions, select Add Attachments to browse for and upload a file.

Select the part type.

The part's Type determines how questions will be added to the part.  The default part type is Questions authored one-by-one, where you add each question individually to the assessment.

If you have created a question pool, you can choose the option Random draw from question pool.  This will randomly select a number of questions you specify from your pool.

Additional options are available for each type of part (see below).

Note: You can only add parts or edit the part type in any assessment in the Working Copies tab.

Select additional part options.

Options for a part with questions authored one-by-one.

In a part with questions authored one-by-one, you can choose whether questions should display for students in the order they are shown on the Questions editing screen (As listed on the Assessment Questions page - the default option) or if questions should be displayed in a random order when each student takes the test (Random within Part).

Options for a random draw part.

Select the pool, number of questions, and type of randomization.

Under Randomization:

  1. Enter the number of questions desired into the text box provided.
  2. Select the question pool from the drop-down menu listing available pools.
  3. Select whether A student's questions are randomized each time an assessment is submitted (i.e., if you allow multiple submissions or a retake, the student may see different questions for each submission) or once for all submissions (i.e., if the same student submits the assessment multiple times, that student always gets the same questions).
Enter a point value for randomly drawn questions.

Under Scoring:

  1. Enter a number of point(s) into the Correct answers are worth box.  A point value is required.
  2. If desired, enter a point value to penalize students for incorrect guesses to true false and multiple choice, single correct questions.  In the For 'True False' or 'Multiple Choice, Single Correct' questions, deduct box, enter how many point(s) to deduct from a student's score for each incorrect answer.

Note: Point values entered here override any value that was saved for individual questions in a corresponding question pool.

Save the part information.

Select Save.

Reorder parts.

Select a part number.

New parts will be listed on the assessment editing screen in the order you create them. To switch the order of two parts, before a part's name, change the number in the drop-down menu next to Part.

For example, if there are three parts, you can make the third part appear first by changing the drop-down from 3 to 1.  Other parts will be automatically reordered once the order is updated.  The example pictured above will exchange the places of Parts 1 and 2.

Select Update Order.

At the bottom of the screen, select Update Order to save changes to the part order.

Remove parts.

You can remove a part and its questions altogether or remove the part as a section and move its questions to a different part.  

Note: The first part listed on the editing screen will not have the Remove option. To remove the first part, you must switch its order with another part you have created.

To the right of the part's title, select Remove.

Choose to remove all questions, or move the questions to another part.

On Remove Part Confirmation screen, choose between the following:

  • Remove part and all questions. (This is the default option.)
  • Remove part only and move question(s) to (Use the accompanying drop-down menu to choose another part where the questions will be moved.)

Select Remove.

Select Remove to confirm (or select Cancel to exit without removing the part or questions).