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How do I inspect and adjust the settings of an assessment?

The settings of a test or quiz are complex, and offer many options.  This overview includes steps to access the Settings page and outlines the sections of the Settings page with links to step-by-step articles for editing each section.

For information on editing specific settings, see:

Tip: Invite the UVACollab support team to review your settings before you publish your test to avoid unexpected outcomes.  Email us with the title of your site and assessment, and we'll be happy to look it over for you!

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

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Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Edit the settings.

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Select Settings from the Action drop-down menu for the assessment.

Alternatively, access assessment settings from the edit assessment screen.

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If you are currently editing an assessment, select the Settings link at the top of the Questions screen.

Editing settings in Working or Published Copies

You can modify the settings of any assessment listed under Working Copies. When you publish an assessment, a copy is created and listed under Published Copies.

After you have published an assessment, modifying the settings in the unpublished version under Working Copies will NOT affect the settings in the published version under Published Copies.

Avoid modifying the settings of a published assessment while testing is in progress.

Settings options

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There are four sections of assessment Settings:

  1. About this Assessment
  2. Availability and Submissions
  3. Grading and Feedback
  4. Layout and Appearance

Select the section title in the Settings screen to expand or collapse that section OR select the Expand All link to open all the sections at once.

Below is a summary of the options available in each of these sections, and links to articles that describe the options in greater detail.

About this Assessment

In the About this Assessment section, you may edit the Title of your assessment or add a Description that displays before students begin taking the assessment. You may also require students to agree to the Honor Pledge before they can begin the assessment. For more information on this section and its options, see How do I edit my assessment title or description, or add an Honor Pledge checkbox?

Availability and Submissions

In Availability and Submissions, you may:

  1. Indicate who should submit the assessment (Anonymous Users, Entire Site, or Selected Group(s)).
  2. Select how many times each student or site member is allowed to submit the assessment.
  3. Select the dates when the assessment is available and due, and until when to accept late submissions, if allowed.
  4. Set a time limit for the assessment, if desired.
  5. Select whether to have in progress assessments automatically submitted, if the students have not already submitted the assessment.
  6. Select whether to receive email notifications when students submit the assessment.
  7. Select whether or not to display the questions' point values while students are taking the assessment.
  8. Require a customized Assessment Password that students will have to type in at the start of the assessment to take it (usually used for proctored tests in a classroom).

For more information on this section and its options, see What are the Availability and Submissions options for an assessment?

Grading and Feedback

In Grading and Feedback, you may:

  1. Choose whether graders see the students' names when grading.
  2. Select whether or not to send grades to the Gradebook tool.
  3. Select which score is recorded, if a student is allowed to make more than one submission (also applies to retakes).
  4. Indicate if and when students will receive feedback on the assessment, and what kinds of feedback you will make available to them (e.g., their answers, correct answers, assessment scores).

For more information on this section and its options, see What are the Grading and Feedback options for an assessment?

Layout and Appearance

Layout and Appearance options control the overall look and feel of the test for students, such as how they navigate from one question to another, and how the assessment questions are numbered if the assessment has multiple parts.

For more information on this section and its options, see How do I adjust the layout and appearance of an assessment?

Save Settings and publish the assessment.

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When the assessment settings are ready, and the questions are in place, select Save Settings and Publish to publish the assessment so your students can take it.  For more information, see How do I publish an assessment (i.e. test or quiz)?

Alternatively, if you are not ready to publish the assessment, select Save to save your settings selections.

Note: When modifying the settings of an assessment in Published Copies, only the Save and Cancel buttons are available.