How do I edit the Site Dashboard?

Note: You must be the owner (i.e. instructor or maintainer) of the site in order to edit the Site Dashboard.)

To access this tool, select Dashboard from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the Edit Dashboard button.

Select the Layout button to choose from one of three different dashboard layouts.

Choose your preferred option and click Select to apply the selected layout.

Select Change course image to change the image shown in the site information area.

Choose a file and use the zoom, pan, and rotate options to arrange and crop the image as desired. Then click Done to save the new image.

Use the rich text editor to make changes to the course/site description as needed.

Use the arrows to rearrange the order of the widgets.

You can use the Move Up, Move Down, Move Left, and Move Right arrows for each widget to rearrange the order of items on the page.

Select Remove widgets from the Customise menu to remove existing widgets on the page.

Select the X next to any items you'd like to remove.

Select Add widgets from the Customise menu to add widgets to the page.

Select the title of the widget you would like to add from the list of available widgets.

Select Save once you have completed your Dashboard edits.