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How do I modify discussion template settings?

Template Settings control the default settings of each created discussion. These settings can be overridden for a specific discussion or topic, but must be manually changed after the default settings template is created. 

Go to Discussions.

Select the Discussions tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Template Settings.

Configure default settings.

The default settings template allows you configure the default settings for all new Discussion and Topics in this site.

Choose Discussion Posting settings.

Template Settings allow the option for all topics in Discussions to be moderated. There is also an option that requires users to post before reading.

Choose Availability settings.

Template Settings allow the option for all Discussions to be shown immediately after they are created or based on specified open (show) and close (hide) dates.

Choose if messages are marked "read."

Template Settings allow the option for conversations to be marked read automatically.

Select role permissions.

Template Settings allow the option to select permission levels within Discussions based on user roles or groups within the site. User roles can be given the title of Author, Contributor, None, Nonediting Author, Owner, Reviewer, and Custom. In the Customize drop-down menu, the check boxes are automatically selected based on the permission level selected. If the check boxes are manually chosen, this fulfills the Custom Permission Level.

Note: You may see different roles depending on whether your site is a course site or a project site, and whether or not there are any groups or custom roles in your site.

Click Save.

Click Save to save your settings (or Cancel to continue without saving).