How do I restrict site visibility?

A WordPress page is public by default. You can use WordPress settings to restrict the visibility of your site to:

  • All registered SHANTI users.
  • Site participants only.
  • Site administrators only.

Open the Dashboard of the site.

Select Dashboard for the selected site.

Control site visibility.

Move the cursor over Settings and select Readings.

Choose the desired level of site visibility.

  1. Your site is visible to registered users of SHANTI Pages.
  2. Your site is visible only to participants of this site.
  3. Restrict visibility to Admins of this site.
  4. Select Save Changes.

You can't change privacy settings for media you upload to WordPress. Media is also accessible to anyone using the URL, and can be indexed by search engines. We know that restricting media access is important to the UVA community. Our engineers are researching solutions.