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What is an in-video quiz, and how can I use it?

Media Gallery includes an in-video quizzing feature that allows you to insert questions into a video. While playing the video, it will pause where there is a question, and a student must either answer or skip the question to continue.

Note: A video quiz should be used as a supplement to a video, not as a full-featured assessment. See below caveats for use.

Features of an in-video quiz

Welcome Screen

When you start playing a video with a quiz, a Welcome screen will display, indicating that you will be given a quiz. On the Welcome screen:

  1. You can download a Pre-test, a PDF listing the quiz questions.
  2. Select Continue to start the video.


Question display in timeline

Quiz questions display as hexagons with numbers in the video's timeline. If enabled in the quiz settings, you can select a question number to skip to it.

Individual question screens

Different types of questions have different answer formats.

  1. The most common question types are multiple choice and true/false, where you select an answer to continue the video.
  2. If enabled in the quiz settings, a Skip for Now option allows you to skip a question you plan to answer later.

End quiz button

When all the questions have been answered, an End Quiz button displays. You can use this button to skip to the quiz submission screen.

Submission screen

The submission screen will ask you to Review your answers (replay the video) or Submit.

Confirmation screen

When the quiz has been submitted, a confirmation screen will display.  If enabled in the quiz settings, this screen will display your score and allow you to select a question number to view the question's answer key.

Select Done to exit the quiz.

Caveats for Use

Please note the following potential issues with in-video quizzes:

  • Students must answer all the questions in a video quiz to submit it.
  • Making changes to a quiz that a student has already submitted can result in incorrect grades. If you edit a quiz with a submission, you may need to delete the student's attempt to allow the student to retake it.
  • There is no gradebook integration with Media Gallery. To enter grades from a video quiz in Gradebook or Gradebook Classic, you will need to export a spreadsheet with the scores and import it into the gradebook.
  • Some students with disabilities may not be able to operate the controls within a video quiz; you may need to create an alternative assignment for these students.

Additional Information

To get started using in-video quizzing, see How do I create an in-video quiz?