Adding the LTI tool to a single site via Site Info.

Adding the LTI tool via Site Info will place the application in the Tool Menu of your site, which is available throughout the course. This is useful if the application is a course-wide resource that you want students to be able to easily access from any page in your site.

Go to Site Info in the Tool Menu.

Click Manage Tools.

Check the box next to External Tool.

Note: If the External Tool item does not appear in this list, that means that it has been stealthed in the system and must first be added to the site by a system administrator.

Scroll down and click Continue.

Click Continue again to confirm the tool title.

Note: If you would like to title the tool with the name of the LTI application (instead of External Tool) you may do so here. You will also have a chance to change the tool title later when you enter the configuration information.

Click Finish.

External Tool will now appear in the Tool Menu. Click on it to launch the tool.

You will see a message noting that the tool is not yet configured. Click on the Edit icon to configure it.

Enter the LTI tool configuration information.

Many of the LTI configuration options are optional, such as frame height or custom parameters. However, the key pieces of information that you must enter in order for the LTI tool to work are:

  1. Launch URL: This URL is obtained from the LTI tool provider.
  2. Launch Key: The LTI tool provider will provide you with a launch key. (This key is unique to your account with the tool provider.)
  3. Launch Secret: The LTI tool provider must also provide you with a launch secret. (This shared secret is unique to your account with the tool provider.)
  4. Display Information: This section includes both the Tool Title and the Button Text. These items identify the tool in your site.
  5. Routing Grades to Gradebook: If your tool will be sending grade information to the Sakai Gradebook, you need to enter a grade item name here to create an entry in the Gradebook.
  6. Releasing Roster Information: Most LTI tools need to be able to access user names and email addresses in order to work properly. In addition, depending on the LTI tool, you may also need to enable services such as roster access or the ability to return grades. The LTI tool provider should specify which items need to be released.

Click Update Options to save the tool configuration.