Kaltura Features List

My Media and Media Gallery are associated tools that allow you to upload, share, and collaborate on video, audio, and image files. My Media is found in your Home site, and you may add Media Gallery to your course or collaboration site.

The lists below describe:

Refer to these vendor user guides for steps on using features in the tools:

Tip: For a visual chart displaying the information on this page, see the Kaltura Features Chart.

Media Management

  • Upload media (videos, images, audio). A file's visibility depends on where you upload it:
    • My Media: Private by default.
    • Media Gallery: Published to the site and viewable by site participants by default.
  • Edit media.
  • Enable an option to download media.
  • View a list of sites in which a media item is published.
  • Permanently delete media from ALL sites where it appears.

Editing Options

General Editing
  • Attach a file to accompany media.
  • Create clips of video or audio files.
Features for Accessibility
  • Request and edit automatic captions (multiple languages are supported).
  • Upload a captions file (SRT or DFXP format).


  • Add co-editors and/or co-publishers (collaborators) to your media.
  • Change media owner.


  • View analytics.
  • Create in-video quizzes.  See What is an in-video quiz, and how can I use it? for more information.
  • Disable or close comments on media in ALL sites where that media appears.  (Comments are enabled by default to boost engagement.)
    • Disabling comments hides all existing comments and prevents new ones from being posted.
    • Closing comments leaves previous comments visible in sites where they were posted but prevents additional comments from being added.

Filter, Search, Sort Media

  • Filter media by type (video, audio, image).
  • Search captions for keywords and jump to video locations.
  • Search for media.
  • Sort media by most recent or alphabetically.

Features available only in My Media (Home)

Filter Media

Filter by:

  • Owner,
  • Status (published vs. private),
  • Editing options (media I own or media owned by someone else that I can publish or edit).

Add-On Features

Webcam and screen recordings: To record and upload to My Media, use Personal Capture (downloaded application that runs on your desktop). See the Personal Capture User Guide (opens new window) for steps to use it.

Media Management

  • Remove media from the current site only.
  • Organize media in Playlists.
  • Moderate uploads, requiring site participants' uploaded media to be approved before it is made visible to everyone in the site.
  • Enable an option to embed media in external sites.


  • Embed media into other site tools.
  • Embed playlists in other areas of your site.

Student Engagement

Disable comments for all media in the current site only.  (Comments are enabled by default to boost engagement.)