How do I make a user inactive in multiple sites?

Go to User Membership.

Select the User Membership tool from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

Enter a search term.

Enter a search term into the field provided. You may search for a full or partial name, user ID, or email address.

Note: If desired, you may also filter your search using the User Type or User Authority drop-down menus.

View search results.

All matching users will be displayed in the search results.

Click on a User ID to see site and group membership for that user.

Select some or all of the user's enrolled sites.

This detail view will display all of the sites in which the user is enrolled. The type, term, and published/unpublished site status are shown, as well as the user's role and status within each site.

Note: Clicking on the title of a site will take you into that site.

You may select all or some of the user's sites by using the Select All link in the Actions menu, or by checking the boxes next to the sites in which you want to make the user inactive.

Select the Set Selected to Inactive button.

View user's current status.

Notice that the user's status is now "inactive" in the specified sites.