How do I modify an existing role within a Realm?

Go to Realms.

Image of realms button

Select the Realms tool from the Tool Menu of the Administration Workspace.

Search and locate the site you want to edit.

Image of the realms search button

Tip: You can locate the site id of a course or project site by using the admin Sites tool to search for the site and view/edit its details, or by accessing the site and copying the site id from the URL displayed in your web browser. The site id is the string of characters displayed just after the /site/ portion of the URL.

For example, in the following URL, the site id is shown in bold:

Click on the realm id.

Image of the search results

Click on the role id for the role you want to modify.

Image of the roles to modify

Select the desired permissions.

Image of the permissions for the selected role

You will see a long list of permissions. This list represents all of the different permissions available to users in the system.

Check the box next to the permissions you want that role to have, and deselect any permissions that you wish to remove from that role.

Scroll down and Save.

Image of the save button

After you have made all of your permission selections, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Tip: If you need to edit additional roles within this realm, select the Done button instead to return to the realm detail page and edit other roles before saving your changes to the realm.