Sakai Community DocumentationSakai 22 Administrator Guide (English)External ToolsHow do I set up an LTI Advantage tool using auto configuration?

How do I set up an LTI Advantage tool using auto configuration?

Note: Configuration of an external tool requires information unique to the external solution being integrated. In addition, integration with a solution from a third-party vendor may require an account with that vendor. Be sure to confirm all necessary information for an external solution before configuration.

Go to External Tools.

Select External Tools from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

View Installed Tools.

Click Installed Tools. If any external tools have been configured and made available in your instance, you'll see them listed.

Select LTI Advantage Auto Provision.

Enter a tool title and then click the Auto-Provision button.

Select the Use LTI Advantage Auto Configuration button.

Paste in the auto-configuration URL and then click Begin Configuration.

Select Continue Registration in the LMS.

Follow the prompts to confirm the tool auto-configuration.

Enter the launch key and secret.

The following items will be checked automatically.

Privacy Settings:  

  • Send User Names to External Tool    
  • Send Email Addresses to External Tool


  • Allow External Tool to return grades    
  • Allow External Tool to create grade columns    
  • Provide Roster to External Tool

Indicate where these tools are placed in Sakai. (Note: You may modify the tool placement options if desired.)              

  • Allow the tool to selected from Lessons                
  • Allow the tool to be one of the assignment types                
  • Allow the tool to be used from the rich text editor                
  • Tool supports the privacy launch message (experimental)                
  • Allow the tool to provide a common cartridge (usually to be imported into a tool like Lessons)

Tool supports LTI 1.3 is selected

Click Save.

Click the Save button. You'll see the external tool listed with other external tools available in the system.