What are Certification Reports?

Certification reports are generated for each report created for your project or course site. These reports contain specific information regarding Certification status and visibility.

Go to Certification.

View the Certification List.

From the Certification List, locate a specific certification and Click View Report in the Status Report column.

View the details of the Status Report.

When you click the Requirements link, the section will expand to list the specific requirements needed in order to receive the certification.

Clicking the Display link with expand to list which participants can view the certification: all participants, unawarded participants, or awarded participants.

  1. Select your preferred option.
  2. Decide whether records will be displayed for those who are no longer participants of the site. Select the check box if necessary.
  3. Click Apply.

View participant certification status.

Course participants will be listed at the bottom of the page along with their certification status.