How do I grade student attendance?

You can manually adjust students grades in two places within the Attendance tool: from the Attendance By Student landing page or from the student's individual Attendance page.

Go to Attendance.

From the navigation tabs, select Grading.

Confirm manual grading is enabled.

Before attempting to grade student attendance, you must first ensure that manual grading is enabled. You can then Save Settings.

Go to the Attendance By Student tab.

Enter the total points for each student manually in the far right Grade column.  

Enter a point total in the Grade box.

Enter the grade point total in the Grade box and scroll down to see Student Statistics and Attendance details. Make any adjustments to Attendance from this page as well.

View Grade in Gradebook.

From Gradebook, locate the column entitled Attendance. You will see the grade point total you entered back in the Attendance tool.

Note: The lock icon means that you cannot adjust grades directly from Gradebook. Instead, you need to adjust grades from the tool itself--in this case, Attendance.