How do I edit a certification?

Go to Certification.

Select Certification from the Tool Menu of your site.

View the Certification List.

From the Certification List, you can edit certification details one of two ways:

  • Click on the Certification name link.
  • Click the Actions drop-down list.

Select Edit from the Actions drop-down list.

Make edits to the certification details.

Make any edits or updated to the certification details and click Continue.

Note: To update the attached file, simply browse for a new file and select it. The old file will be overwritten by the new file you've selected.

Makes edits to requirements.

Make any necessary edits or updated to the certification requirements and click Continue.

Edit values of the Modify Certification page.

Make any necessary edits or updates to the values on the Modify certification page and then click Continue.

View updated certification details.

Review your updated certification details. If you need to make any further adjustments, click the Back button. Otherwise, if everything looks satisfactory, click Activate Certificate.

View Certification List.

The updated certification will now appear on the Certification List page.