Kaltura Gets an Upgrade on July 15, 2018

Kaltura is UVA's preferred digital media management platform with an integration in UVACollab. On July 15, 2018, a major upgrade to the Kaltura integration in UVACollab will replace the Kaltura Media Gallery with two new tools used to upload and manage your digital media content: My Media and Media Gallery.

What is My Media?

My Media is a repository of a single user’s media, where each user has a personal, searchable repository for viewing and managing private media contentThe My Media module displays the personal media library of an authenticated UVA user in UVACollab and is only available in the Home site.

Specific functionality in this module includes:

  • Displaying media that the user owns (contributed by the logged-in user) or can access.
  • Viewing / Editing media.
  • Search on metadata and transcription/closed caption files.
  • Upload new content and publish to the gallery (according to users role).
  • Bulk publishing to a specific gallery or playlist.
  • Deleting media.

Media Gallery is the tool you will add to your collaboration and course sites to make digital content, such as video, audio, and image files, available to site participants. 

You will be able to organize the content in meaningful ways, such as playlists (formerly collections) for particular class sessions. You will also be able to embed digital media into other tools in your site using the editor.

The Media Gallery module includes the following functionality:

  • Display of media that is published in the gallery.
  • View and engage with the published media, e.g., play the media, search in-video, comment, add to a playlist.
  • Search metadata and transcription / closed caption files.
  • Contribute to a gallery (according to users role).
  • Upload new content and publish to the gallery (according to users' role).
  • Moderate content in gallery (optional).

For details on using the Media Gallery tool, please refer to the vendor's Kaltura User Guide [external link].

All media uploaded to a site's Media Gallery is automatically made available in the media owner's My Media.

How will my existing Kaltura content be affected by the upgrade?

During the upgrade, the Kaltura vendor will migrate media as follows:

  • All previously uploaded Kaltura content will be available to media owners via the My Media tool in your Home site. My Media will be added automatically to the Home site of all UVACollab users.
  • Existing sites with the Kaltura Media Gallery tool will be automatically upgraded to the new Media Gallery tool.
  • Media in existing sites will be migrated to the new Media Gallery tool based on current settings as follows:
Pre-migration Media Settings Post-migration Media Settings
Site Library Collections Media Gallery Playlists
Public (to site) Public (to site) Publish Publish
Private (to media owner) Public (to site) Publish approval pending No
Private (to media owner) Private (to collection owner) Publish approval pending No
Public (to site) Private (to collection owner) Publish No


Any media item in a Collection that is set to Private in either the Site Library or the Collection will need to be re-added to a Playlist (if desired) after the upgrade.

A Private media item in the Site Library requires a one-time approval by the media owner to publish the item to a site's Media Gallery after the upgrade.

What are the default privacy settings for media content after the upgrade?

Privacy settings are governed by the tool in which media is available:

  • Media uploaded directly to the My Media tool in your Home site is Private by default. Individual media items may be published to one or more Media Gallery tools in selected sites.
  • Media added to a Media Gallery is automatically Published (I.e., the media is viewable by site participants) in that site.

How do I use new features in My Media and Media Gallery?

The following user guides provide step-by-step instructions on using features after the upgrade:

View the Kaltura Upgrade Features Chart or the Kaltura Upgrade Features List for a summary list of new features available in the upgrade.