How do I schedule online meetings?

Schedule a single or recurring online meeting with the Online Meetings tool powered by Zoom in UVACollab.

Select Schedule a New Meeting

Anyone in the Instructor and Secondary Instructor roles in courses or Owner and Administrator roles in collaborations may schedule meetings by selecting the Schedule a New Meeting button in the Online Meetings tool. 

Enter the meeting topic

The Topic will default to the site title and should be modified to distinguish it from other meetings, e.g., My course name - Week 1.

An optional description may also be added.

Set the meeting date, time, duration, and time zone

Set meeting recurrence options, if enabled

Use the Recurring meeting drop-down menus to configure the recurrence frequency settings and end date.

Set attendee registration options, if enabled

Scheduling a meeting that requires registration will allow you to have your participants register with their e-mail, name, other questions, and custom questions.

In most cases, enabling the Registration option won't be necessary since participants or students in your UVACollab site will gain access via the site.

Set video and audio options

Video requires a webcam.

Audio requires a mic and speakers for computer audio (or telephone, if enabled).

Enable preferred meeting options

Meeting options allow you to govern participant entry to a meeting.

  • Require meeting password allows you to enable a meeting password. Joining participants will be required to input the password before joining your scheduled meeting.
  • Enable join before host allows attendees to join the meeting before the host joins or when the host cannot attend the meeting.
  • Mute participants upon entry will mute all participants as they join the meeting if Enable join before host is not enabled.
  • Enable waiting room to admit attendees one by one or hold all attendees in the waiting room and admit them all at once.
  • Record the meeting automatically will start recording upon entry of the first person to join the meeting. Enabling this option will prompt you to select whether the recording will be saved on your local computer or in the cloud.

Tip: Cloud recordings will appear under the Cloud Recordings tab for the meeting host in the Online Meetings tool.

Students will find links to recordings on the Previous Meetings tab.

Add alternative hosts (optional)

You may designate alternative hosts to your meeting(s) by entering their UVA email address. An alternative host must be a Zoom Pro user under the UVA account with Zoom. Preferably, alternative hosts should be participants in your UVACollab site.

Save your meeting

Select the Save button to schedule your meeting.