What is the Polls tool?

The Polls tool allows instructors to post single question multiple choice survey questions on their site. Polls can be structured to elicit single or multiple responses to a question.

Results of a poll can be made available to students immediately, after voting, after the closing date, or never. Instructors can post any number of polls. If desired, instructor may also change the tool permissions to allow students to post poll questions.

Participants may only vote once per poll.

Responses to poll questions are anonymous.

To access this tool, select Polls from the Tool Menu in your site.

Example of a site Polls list.

Example: Student view of Poll.

Students see a list of polls (if more than one). When they click on the name of the poll, the poll is displayed. Students make their selection then click on Vote!

Note: By default, students can only vote once per poll question.

Example: Poll Results.