How do I view the Gradebook2 history?

Instructors can view the history of all actions taken in the Gradebook2.

  • Date: (the date and time the action was taken)
  • Action: (adding or editing scores, adding or editing items or categories, and editing gradebook settings)
  • Entity: (items, categories, and the gradebook)  
  • Student: (listed by a student’s display name)
  • User: (the name of the person that made the change or added the grade

Go to Gradebook2.

Select Gradebook2 from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click View > History.

This displays the Gradebook History panel.

Note: This panel may take some time to open depending on the number of actions taken in the Gradebook.


Navigate multiple pages by clicking the arrows next to page number.

To view additional details, click on any item.