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How do I exclude an individual student from a graded item in Gradebook2?

Instructors may exclude (or excuse) any individual student from an item listed in the Gradebook2. When excused, the student's course grade is not affected by the student's submission or non-submission for that item.

Excusing an item often happens when a class is composed of both graduate and undergraduate students; excusing the undergraduate students from the graduate requirements and excusing the graduate students from the undergraduate requirements.

Go to Gradebook2.

Select Gradebook2 from the Tool Menu in your site.

In the right spreadsheet, click on the name of the student to be excused from an item.

This displays the Student Summary dialog box for that student.

Click on the Excuses tab.

This displays the Excuses dialog box for that student.

Check the box next to the grade item from which the student is excused.

The student is excused from that grade item.   That is, any grade or non-grade will have no effect on the student's Course Grade calculation.

Click Close (or Next / Previous to excuse other students).

In the student view of the Gradebook2, when the item is released, the item is marked "Dropped".

If the student had earned a score for the excused grade item, the score would appear with a red strike-through.