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How do I Import grades from an Excel (.csv) file into Gradebook2?

Instructors can import grades into the Gradebook2 tool using a formatted .csv file. A properly formatted .csv file containing all of the student information can be downloaded first from the Gradebook2 tool under Tools > Download New item Template.

Use this template to add/calculate your grades in Excel (or some other spreadsheet application) then import the file back into the Gradebook2.

Example of a .csv template file with the new grade information added.

Note: Grades must use the same grading system (Points/Percentages/Letter Grades) as you have chosen for your Gradebook.

Go to Gradebook2.

Select Gradebook2 from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Tools > Import.

This displays  the Gradebook2 Import dialog box.

Select No-structure gradebook (grades only), then click Browse.

This displays your computer's file locator.

Locate the .csv file on our computer, then click Open (or Select).

This returns the display to the Import dialog box.

Click Next.

This displays the contents of what will be imported into the Gradebook.

Click Next.

This uploads the data and adds a new item to the Gradebook.

Edit the item.

If your Gradebook has categories, you will need to assign the new item to a category before it will be calculated in the course grade.

Right-click the item and select Edit this Grade Item.

This displays the Edit dialog box for this grade item.

Update the item category.

Place the item in the proper category (if you are using categories) and check the box next to Include in Grade, then click Save/Close.

The grade item and the grades are now properly listed in the Gradebook.