Required Settings in Portfolios

If Required Settings appears on the Summary page when creating a portfolio from a portfolio template, then certain options must be decided prior to viewing the portfolio. These settings will vary according to the specific portfolio template. You may be asked to enter or select any or all of the following:

  • Display Name - Serves as the name of your portfolio within the system. A default name is provided, change this default to a meaningful name. The display name is not displayed in your portfolio.
  • Your Name in the Portfolio - Your name as you would like it displayed in the portfolio website.
  • Portfolio Title - The title of your portfolio as you would like it displayed in the portfolio website.
  • Theme - Your choice of a theme for your portfolio. (Additional portfolios can be created with different themes at any time.)
  • Save all changes by selecting the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

After selecting the required settings it is possible to view your portfolio by clicking the Preview the Portfolio link on the Summary page. If no content has been added, all you will see displayed are the required settings you have selected.