How do I edit the Letter Grade Scale in Gradebook2?

Although the Gradebook2 can be set up to accept either point, percentages or letter grades for items, the Course Grade (or Running Grade) is by default calculated in Letter Grades (with +, -).

Instructors can edit the Course Grade Scale by either selecting a different built-in scale ("F through A - no plus or minus" - "F through A+ - with plusses and minuses" - "Pass / Not Pass") or they can manually edit one of the built-in scales.

Go to Gradebook2.

Select Gradebook2 from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Edit > Grade Scale.

This displays the Edit Grade Scale dialog box.

Use the drop-down menu to select a built-in Grade Scale.

This will display the calculations for that built-in scale.

Example: Letter Grades

Example: Pass / Not Pass.

To manually adjust a grade scale, change the numbers in the From column.

When a number is changed in the "From" column, the preceding "To" column number will automatically adjust.

For best results, work your way up from the bottom of the "From" column.

Some Problems:

  • You cannot enter "0" in any "From" column box.
  • if you are editing the A-F (with +, -) scale, you cannot eliminate the grade of A+. (a perfect score will always be seen as an A+)

To restore the default scale, select the scale, then click Reset to Default.