How do I override the course grade in Gradebook2?

The Gradebook2 Course Grade is the current calculated grade (Running Grade) based on which items have been graded and how much value those items carry.

Sometimes, especially when seen as a final grade, instructors may want to override this calculated grade.

Go to Gradebook.

Select Gradebook2 from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click the Attributes and Grades tab and check the box next to Grade Override.

This displays the Grade Override column in the spreadsheet.

Enter the Override Grade in the Grade override column to the right of the student's name.

This overrides the calculated Course Grade.

Note: If you have released the Course Grade to students (edit gradebook settings / display to students - course grade), they will see this override grade and not the Gradebook2 calculated grade. That is, they will not see the course grade as "overridden".

Note: You may only enter grade overrides that are in the appropriate course grade format for your gradebook (Pass/Not Pass, Letter grades with +-, or Letter Grades).