How do I require completion of a Lessons page?

Instructors can require the completion of one Lessons page or subpage before allowing students to move on to subsequent Lessons pages or subpages in the Lessons hierarchy. That is, instructors can require all of the required items on one page to be completed before students have access subsequent Lesson pages or subpages.

See How do I require one Lesson item to be completed before another Lesson item becomes available? for directions on requiring an item on a page to be completed.

Go to Lessons.

Click on the Lessons Page Title (e.g. Unit #1) in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: The default or blank Lessons page contains text and images that explain the basic functionality of the Lessons tool.

Specify required items on the page.

See How do I require completion of a Lessons item? for directions on requiring an item to be completed.

Note: Required items are indicated by an asterisk.

Click Edit.

Click the Edit button to the left of the subpage link that will be unavailable until required items are completed.

Specify completion of prerequisites.

Check Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed, then click Update Item.

Example of a subpage with requirements.

If a student clicks the subpage link (or button) without completing all the required items on the page, nothing will happen. (Instructors can click on the subpage link and the subpage will be displayed.)

Note: that the subpage link (or button) now displays the text [Has Prerequisites] next to the item.

To require a top-level Lessons page before accessing subsequent pages:

Click the Settings icon.

The Settings icon is a gear-shaped icon in the top right corner of the page.

Check Require this page, then click Save.

Example of a top-level Lessons page that must be completed.

The Unit #1 Lessons page items must be completed before a student can access the Unit #2 Lessons page.

If a student clicks on the Unit #2 page in the Tool Menu without completing all of the Unit #1 Lessons page items, a message is displayed alerting the student that they cannot access the page until all of the Unit #1 items are completed. (Instructors can access both top-level Lessons pages.)

Unit #2 is subsequent to Unit #1 because of its position in the Tool Menu order.  Instructors can go to Site Info > Page Order tool to reorder the positions of the top-level pages in the menu.