How do I add a new topic?

A Forum must contain a Topic for users to create a post. (See also How do I create Forums and Topics?)

Go to Forums.

Select the Forums tool from Tool Menu in your site.

Select New Topic.

Create a topic title.

Topic titles are required for every topic.

Create a short description.

Be aware that this short description only allows a maximum of 255 characters.

Create a detailed description.

This description box allows the use of Rich Text Editor.

Add attachments.

If desired, there is an option to upload attachments.

Create personalized settings.

This section allows for the personalization of topic settings in terms of visibility, availability, and grading.

Select from topic posting options.

The Topic Posting option regulates where the topic is locked from topic postings, is moderated by the instructor, and/or if the user is required to post before reading other posts to the topic.

Select level of availability.

Select if all read messages should be marked.

Select grading options.

This options allows for the particular Forum topic to be linked to Gradebook (grading options will be regulated in Gradebook itself).

Moderate the permission level of roles.

This section allows the user to regulate the Permission Level of each user. These options include Author, Contributor, None, Nonediting Author, Owner, Reviewer, and Custom.

Customize settings.

After selecting the Customize drop-down arrow, there are a wealth of settings that pertain to the level of permission each role has and the settings that are available to each corresponding role. Please note that selecting a Permission Level (noted in the last step) will automatically check corresponding boxes. There is only a need to manually check boxes if a Custom Permission Level is desired.

Save the topic.

The topic can be saved in three different ways. Click Save to save and publish the topic. Click Save Draft to save the topic without publishing it for other users to view. Click Save Settings & Add Topic to save the topic, publish the topic, and begin a new topic with the same settings as the previous topic. There is also an option to Cancel the topic.