What are course sites?

A course site is the official worksite for a particular academic course for an institution and can be linked to a database (such as a registrar's) to automatically populate its roster.

Course sites usually contain a selection of tools and resources provided by the instructor so that students may access course materials, interact with other site participants, and submit work.

Default participant roles for course sites.

The default participant roles in a course site are:

  • Instructor: Instructors have full permissions throughout the site, including the ability to publish the site and set its global access. Instructors can read, revise, delete, and add both content and participants to a site.
  • Teaching Assistant: Teaching Assistants can read, add, and revise most content in their sections.
  • Student: Students can read content, and add content to a site where appropriate.

Note: Additional customized roles may be added by the system administrator.


Elizabeth Venstra

It looks like there's some inconsistency in capitalization here: "Course site" vs. "course site"--and see also the title of one of the other articles in this section that references course sites. Personally, I would recommend the lower-case version throughout. A course isn't really a proper noun; it's just a course. But that's just my opinion . . .

Wilma Hodges

Thanks for catching that. I've changed it to lowercase course. :)

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