How do I create a link to an activity in a text box?

Tip: If you are creating a text box in the Lessons tool, you may also insert activities directly as individual items on the page, rather than within the Rich Text Editor. See How do I add activities to Lessons? for more information.

Select the text to be linked.

In the text box, select the text you would like to serve as a link to the activity.

Click the Link icon.

This displays the Link dialog box.

Click Browse Server.

This displays the Entity Picker. If you have any Forums, Assignments or Test & Quizzes posted, they will be displayed in the Entity Picker.

Select the activity you want to link to.

This returns the display to the Link Properties dialog box with the URL of the activity listed in the URL box.

Click OK.

When the item using the text box is posted, the selected text will display as a link to the activity.