How do I create a link to a Resources item in a text box?

Go to Resources.

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Actions, then Edit Details for the item.

Locate the item you want to link to in Resources and from the Actions drop-down menu, select Edit Details.

This displays the Edit Details page.

Copy the item URL.

Copy the item URL to your computer's clipboard (CTR-C -PC or COMMAND-C - MAC).

Go to the Rich Text Editor and select your text.

In the text box, select the text you would like to serve as a link to the folder or file.

Click the Link icon.

This displays the Link dialog box.

Paste the item URL.

Paste (CTRL-V - PC or COMMAND-V - MAC) the URL for the Resources item in the box marked URL.

Click OK.

When the item that contains the text box is posted, the selected text will display as an underlined link to the Resources item.