How do I create a matching question?

This feature allows the user to create a numbered list of choices and a corresponding drop-down list of matches.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select an assessment.

A matching question may be added to any assessment. Select an existing assessment or create a new one.

Note: You may also add a question directly to a question pool.

Create a new assessment.

For more information on creating new assessments, see How do I create an assessment?

Or edit an existing assessment.

Select Matching from drop-down menu.

After selecting Matching from the drop-down menu, the program will open additional options for the question.

Add an Answer Point Value.

This allows for the Answer Point Value to be manually inputted.

Add Question Text.

Type the Question Text into the text box provided.

Note: To edit with Rich-Text Editor, click the hyperlink to open the full menu.

Add attachment. (Optional)

Click Add Attachments to browse for and select a file attachment if desired.

Add text for Choices and Matches.

Use the Choice and Match text fields to create a correct pair, then click Save Pairing. (Remove or edit any of the created pairs by using the Remove and Edit links next to each pair.)

Assign the question to a portion of the assessment and/or a Question Pool. (Optional)

1. The question can be added to a specific portion of the assessment, such as Part 1 or Part 2 (depending on how many parts exist). Part 1 is the default location.

2. The question may also be added to a Question Pool, if desired.

Add answer feedback. (Optional)

Feedback is optional text available for the student to review after the particular question is graded. For matching questions, the feedback option is offered for correct and/or incorrect answers, if desired.

Tip: To edit with Rich-Text Editor, click the hyperlink to open the full menu.

Click Save.

Click Save to save the question (or Cancel to exit).