Publishing Styles Globally (For CIG Coordinators)

Requesting Global Publication of a Style

If you have created a style that has general applicability, you may want to make it available for use in all sites in your instance of Sakai. However, only Sakai system administrator(s) can publish a style globally (that is, across all sites in Sakai).

To request that a style be published globally, access the Styles tool and follow these steps:

1. If the Styles home page is not displayed, click the Reset button.
2. Find the style you want to suggest for global publication.
3. Click the Suggest for global publish link below the name of the style. Sakai submits the style for consideration for global publication and displays the Styles home page again.

Publishing a Style Globally

If you are a system administrator, you may publish a style globally (that is, for all sites in a Sakai instance). To do so, log in and follow these steps:

1. Select the Portfolio Admin site.
2. Access the Styles tool. Sakai displays the Styles home page.
3. Find the style you want to publish and click the Publish link beneath its name. Sakai makes the style available to all sites.

[Note: If you delete a style that has been suggested for global publishing from the Portfolio Admin site, you will also delete the style from the site in which it was created.]