Styles Overview (For CIG Coordinators)

Styles are sets of fonts, colors, and graphics. CIG Coordinators (site organizers, or other users in the site with permission) use styles to control the overall look of matrices and the individual look of matrix cells. Styles are created locally in portfolio sites but can also be created and or published globally across sites via the Portfolio Admin site.

Guidelines for Using Styles

In order to maintain consistency within a matrix, it is recommended that CIG Coordinators apply the same style to the entire matrix.

If you have site organizer permissions, you will use the Styles tool in your portfolio site to "create" a style by uploading a cascading style sheet (i.e., a .css file) from Resources, giving it a meaningful name, and (if desired) providing a description of it. This tool also allows you to change the name and description of an existing style, delete a style you no longer need, and change usage permissions for styles for all users in any role.

Once a style has been added to a site, it is available to all members of the site to use in creating or editing matrices. Only the creator of the style will see the style listed in the Styles tool. Any user with permission to create or edit matrices will see the style listed as available for selection on the screens for editing the properties of a matrix or matrix cell.

Users with access to the Portfolio Admin site may also create styles for use globally across all sites. Styles may also be suggested for global publishing via the Portfolio Admin site. If the system administrator publishes a style that has been suggested for global publishing via Portfolio Admin, the style will become available for creating or editing of matrices in all sites.

To access the tool, click the Launch button for Styles. Sakai will display the Styles home page.

This page contains a list of all styles on the site that you have created. For each style in the list, you will see a description, the name of the person that created the style, and whether it is still available to suggest for global publishing via the Portfolio Admin site.

If the list is longer than one page, use the buttons under the Styles menu bar to display other pages.

  • To display the first page of the list, click First.
  • To display the previous page of the list, click Previous.
  • To display the next page of the list, click Next.
  • To display the last page of the list, click Last.