Creating Portfolio Templates: Step 4: Select Supporting Files (For CIG Coordinators)

After completing the steps outlined in the documentation for Creating a Portfolio Template: Step 3, click Continue. Sakai will display the Select Supporting Files, Step 4 of 4, screen:

This screen allows you to identify any additional files that are to be used in this template. These files may include .css files (style sheets) and image, sound, video, javascript, and other files that define the look and feel, navigation, graphics, and other features of the portfolio template.

To select this material, follow these steps:

  1. In the Name (used in xpath) box, enter the name for this file that is used in the .xsl file you chose in "Step 2: Specifying the Layout". If the template is based on passthrough.xsl, enter any one-word name by which you want the final .xsl file to identify this file. An entry in this box is required.
  2. To the right of the Choose File box, click the Select File link. (An entry in this box is required.) Sakai displays the Select Item screen.
  3. Select the file you need. To do so, follow the instructions for selecting an item. After you click Finish, Sakai displays the Select Supporting Files, Step 4 of 4, screen again.
  4. Click Add to List. Sakai displays the file name in the bottom part of the screen. You must remember to click Add to List in order to save the file as part of your template.
  5. To add another supporting file to the template, repeat steps 1-4.
  6. To edit a file you have added, click the Edit link below its name and make changes as needed. For more information, see instructions in steps 1-4.
  7. To delete a file you have added, click the Delete link below its name. Sakai deletes the item immediately. Caution Be sure you want to delete a file before clicking Delete. Sakai does not display a delete verification window before deleting the file.
  8. Choose one of the following options:
  • To save your work, click Finish. Sakai displays the Portfolio Templates home page. This template is listed on the screen. You may work on this template further at any time.
  • To return to the List Content, Step 3 of 4, screen, click Back.
  • To exit without saving any of the information you have entered in this template creation session, click Cancel. Sakai displays the Portfolio Templates home page.