Providing Formative Feedback in Matrix Cells

If you are a Reviewer or have the Review permission, you may examine the contents of a participant's matrix at any time and offer formative feedback on the work you find there. You may also return to a cell you have reviewed before, review any further work that has been done there, and provide additional feedback. To review and provide feedback on a matrix, open the Matrices tool and follow these steps:

  1. If the Matrices home page is not displayed, click the Reset button.
  2. Find the matrix you want to review and click its name. Sakai displays the selected matrix. In the upper left corner of the screen, a drop-down list of users is displayed. Select the user to whom you wish to give feedback. (Note: If the site contains multiple groups, you may see also a Select group drop-down list. Use this menu to restrict the list of users to a specific group. This can be helpful if the site contains a large number of users.)
  3. Sakai displays a read-only copy of the matrix for the user you specified. Verify that you are viewing the correct participant's matrix before proceeding (immediately above the user name drop-down menu, the name of the participant should appear in a message like 'View "PUL Matrix" (READ ONLY): Firstname Lastname').
  4. Icons in a cell indicate that the user has attached material to it. The background color of a cell indicates its status.
  5. Click on a cell to open it and review its contents.
  6. Click the names of any forms, items, and reflections to open and review them.
  7. To provide general feedback, click Add Feedback in the "General Feedback" area to open the Feedback form. To offer feedback on a specific item in the "Items" area, click Add Feedback next to the item to open the Feedback form for that item.
  8. Fill in the form according to any instructions given in it. You may type your feedback directly into the text box or copy and paste text from another document.
  9. When you have completed the feedback form, click Save Changes to return to the matrix cell. Or, to return to the matrix cell without saving your changes, click Cancel.
  10. To return to the matrix display, click Back to the Matrix.